Changzhou Yameite Window Decoration Corp., Ltd.

Changzhou Yameite Window Decoration Corp., Ltd. is established on July 10th, 2003. The previous name of Yameite is Changzhou Tailun Textile Co., Ltd. On July 18th 2016, we formally renamed as Changzhou Yameite Window Decoration Co., Ltd. Legal representative: Guoping, Zhou Company address: No 16, Ganjiang Road, Weitang industry zone, Xinbei district, Changzhou city, Jiangsu Province, China.


We specially focus ourselves on the production of window decoration. Business scope: different kinds of high-grade and special-usage window decoration design, production and technical service. Main business: research and production of roller blind, pleated blind fabric.


According to functions, our products can be classified as translucent, blackout, flame retardant, antibacterial, mold proof, water proof, anti-static, anti-oil and etc.


According to the coating: sizing, silver coating, white coating, color coating, silver foam coating, white foam coating, color foam coating, color gluing and etc.


According to the fabrics: polyester oxford, polyester yarn, jacquard, cotton fabric, blended fabric, linen fabric, new material fabric and etc.


Advantages: high quality, easy cleaning, energy saving and environmental protection, sun protection, heat insulation, noise and dust filtering.


Application: hotel, hospital, offices and house decoration Application: hotel, hospital, offices and house decoration.


We have many patents: 1 registered patent, 1 domain name, 1 use right of state-owned land (21,036 square meters), 1 owned company (6,779 square meters), and also we have the right of export.


Experiencing years of development, we have complete management system, rich production experience and high management level. Main Functional Departments: GM office, R&D Dept., Export Dept., Domestic Sales Dept., Planning Dept., QC Dept., Purchasing Dept., Production Dept., Warehouse, AD&HR Dept., Financial Dept.


We have 128 employees, and we will pay insurance for every employee. We keep on developing ourselves on the basis of a professional and experienced management group. With years of working experiences, the key sale mangers have the ability of catching the market trend.

We have Changzhou Discharge Permission and all the production projects pass the environmental improvement and completion acceptance. All the production of Yameite comply the requirements of fire protection law and safety production management. All the products of Yameite comply the requirements of quality and technology supervision standard.


Yameite spares no effort on the research and development all the time and we set up research department with an experienced research group. And on the other hand, we establish a good Production-Study-Research cooperation relationship with CHANGZHOU TEXTILE GARMENT INSTITUE and NANTONG UNIVERSITY. We keep on communicating with our customers to master the trend of window decoration fabrics all over the world. And meanwhile, we consistently complete our production technology to meet the requirements of customers, markets and technical innovations.


Yameite accumulates large quantity customers from years of managements and now we have a high popularity in the area of window decoration.


We directly sell our blind fabrics to customers. According to customer requirements, our products can be divided into self-made product and customized product.


In order to meet the multifunction and energy conservation requirements of international customers and ensure our products are complied with the standard of Oeko-Tex 100, we use different management systems such as ERP, MES, WMS to supervise every production process and ensure the delivery date and quality. Furthermore, we possess the ability of efficient after-sale service.


Environmental multifunctional blackout blinds fabric is a new window decoration material with great shading, flame retardant, antibacterial, waterproof, anti-static, anti-oil, heat insulation, anti-ultraviolet functions and etc. We apply new material, technology, digit and chemistry into traditional fabrics production. Comparing with traditional textile industry, it is a combination of multi-field and multi-disciplinary. Moreover, it demands more in the aspects of production processes and equipment. We keep on innovating and upgrading, adhering to the professional and dedicated spirit to perfect our coating process and try to be one of most famous high-end functional blind fabrics manufacturers in the future.


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